David Bowie Leaves $100M Estate To Family, Friends; Lays Out Cremation Stipulations

David Bowie, the rock legend born David Robert Jones, stipulated that he wanted his body to be cremated based on Buddhist rituals in Bali.

The Space Oddity singer died in January 10, at the age of 69 from cancer, leaving behind a $100 million estate that his family, former nanny and assistants received.

According to Buddhist rituals, Bowie wanted his ashes to be scattered around Bali. He wrote, in a 20-page will, that his money would be given to his widow Iman, 60, and his two children Lexi Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones.

In this document, it stated that his executors needed to arrange for his remains to be taken to Bali and be created there based on Bali’s Buddhist rituals. If not practical, he wrote, he wanted his executors to arrange for his body to be cremated and the ashes scattered on the island.

Court papers reveal that Bowie had a $100 million estate. Iman will get nearly $50 million as well as the posh Manhattan apartment that’s along Lafayette Street. Bowie’s attorneys are in charge of the payment managements. London-based Patrick Grafton Green and New York-based William Zysblat will pay Iman her money four times a year. On page six of the will, she can also ask for more money if she needs them for education, health and maintenance.

Duncan, 44, is set to get $25 million. Lexi is 15, and she, when she turns 25, will inherit the vacation home on Little Tonshi Mountain New York as well as some of the fortune.

Bowie also left $1 million to his nanny Marion Skene. Personal assistant Corine Coco Scwab was dubbed the guardian to his daughter if her mom Iman dies before she turns legal age. She inherited $2 million from Bowie’s estate.

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