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U.S. Drivers Could Have $2 Gas During Summer Season


U.S. consumers may experience low gas prices during the summer, so long as the refinery maintenance finishes smoothly and crude oil stays cheap. For some people, $2 per gallon is possible… so long as there are no unanticipated issues. AAA doesn’t believe the national average is going to rise above $3 a gallon for the […]

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Blue Bell Issues 3rd Recall Over Listeria-Contaminated Ice Cream

The Broken Arrow, OK. Blue Bell Ice Cream plant has been shut down temporarily over an outbreak of listeria. The company announced it was shuttering the plant operations out of an immense amount caution in order to find the potential cause for the contamination. Blue Bell said the Food and Drug Administration is examining the […]

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Cody Walker Talks Furious 7 and His Brother

Opening weekend of year’s most anticipated movie is here… Furious 7 hit theaters April 3. And, the opening is bitter sweet for Cody Walker, the late Paul Walker’s brother. Cody admitted that he felt anxious and rather emotional about watching Furious 7 for the first time. Before his off-set fiery crash, Paul had filmed a […]

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California Governor Issues Mandatory Water Use Restrictions


Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown announced strict and unprecedented mandatory water use restrictions to address the state’s horrifying drought crisis that’s approaching crisis levels. Gov. Brown said where they were currently standing for the press conference should have been five feet of snow, not dry grass. The citizens of the state must come together, saving water […]

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