Chilean Miners Warn Thai Boys About Fraudsters Regarding Dramatic Rescue Story

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The families of the 12 Thai boys (and coach) who were rescued from the cave are warned to be mindful of possible scammers who want to profit off their ordeal. The warning came from the Chilean survivors who lived through a similar set of circumstances.

One film production house is already working on developing a movie based on the heroics of the divers, medics and cavers who helped to rescue the boys and their coach.

Pure Flix Films Managing Partner Michael Scot said he sees a Hollywood film filled with A-list stars. Scott, who lives in Thailand, said he was on hand as the boys were being brought out. He said his company is looking at making a movie that could inspire millions of people worldwide.

In 2010, a cave-in trapped 33 Chilean miners underground for 69 days. In 2015, the movie – the 33 – starring Antonio Banderas was released. It made about $25 million at the box office. However, the miners got nothing from it.

Mario Sepulveda said he hopes the boys do well and a smart enough not to be scammed when they sell their stories. Luis Urzua was another Chilean miner who said the boys need to understand that recovering from this experience isn’t going to be easy.

The Chilean miners said they are bitter by being exploited by producers, lawyers and others who profited from their story. Uurza said once they got the story, they left and that was it. They were given bad advice and made promises that never came true.

Creating A Living Museum For Tourists

In the meantime, the Thai cave rescue site is set to become a living museum – a salute to the miracle that came from it.

Narongsak Osottanakorn, rescue chief, said the Chiang Rai site is being turned into a museum that shows the clothing and equipment that was used in the daring rescue. He said it’ll be a living museum to show people how everything played out. Osottanakorn said an interactive database will be created and it’ll be one more amazing attraction for Thailand tourists to check out.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said a plethora of safety measures are being put into place in and around the cave. He also said it’s doubtful the museum would stay open all year long as Thailand’s monsoon season runs from June until October.

Many people have wondered if there should be any kind of profiting down from the cave site or if it would be disrespectful to Saman Gunan, the Thai Navy SEAL diver who risked his life in the rescue attempt.

The boys and their coach are still in a Chiang Rai hospital in different stages of recovery. Relatives can visit their loved ones but only if they’re wearing masks and gowns. Initially, they were told they could not because of the fear of spreading infections. The group is getting antibiotics, and a psychiatrist is on hand with the boys who appear to show no stress-like symptoms.

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