Bourbon Virus Liked To Death Of Kansas Man

A CDC announcement reveals a new lethal virus that is suspected have killed a healthy man in Kansas last year in the U.S.

The death occurred 11 days after the man first showed symptoms, and is now being linked to what officials have called the Bourbon virus. He died in late spring 2014. The virus is named for the county where the victim succumbed to the illness, and is a part of the Thogotovirus. It’s the first kind of virus that’s resulted in a U.S. human illness.

According to a Healthline report, it’s the first time the Thogotovirus has actually infected a person in the U.S.; only the eighth time in the entire world. The kinds of viruses have been traced back to ticks and mosquitos in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Although CDC officials, who noted the Kansas man had multiple tick bites, gave him various medications to treat the tick-borne illnesses, the man’s condition failed to improve. The CDC tested the man’s blood and found him to be infected with an unknown virus they finally linked back to the Thogotovirus. They named the virus after the county where the man died. The CDC is working in conjunction with state health officials to see if anybody else has been infected with this “previously” unidentified virus.

The agency is hoping it will find a way to treat the virus.

According to various reports, the victim was previously healthy, under 50 years of age and had been working on his Kansas property when he came inside due to tick bites. Several days later, the symptoms began and he suffered with diarrhea, nausea and feeling lethargic.

By the third day of the illness, he developed muscle aches, chills and a fever. He visited his doctor and prescribed doxycycline, an antibiotic used to treat numerous tick-borne infections including the virus that causes Lyme disease. On day four, he was going in and out of consciousness and rushed to a hospital by ambulance. From there, he got sicker with his heart failing and kidneys shutting down. 11 days after he got sick, he died

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