Aunt Jemima Brand Will See New Logo and Brand Introduced In Fall

Quaker Oats will retire the 130-year-plus Aunt Jemima brand and logo upon the company’s acknowledgment it was founded based on a racial stereotype.

According to the Pepsi-owned company, the goal to promote racial equality through an array of initiatives are in reflection of its values and will meet the expectations of its customers.

The appearance of Aunt Jemima has changed many times, but the origin and logo come from the song slaves sang “Old Aunt Jemima” started by a minstrel show performer. According to the company, the logo was created in 1890, founded on cook, missionary worker and storyteller Nancy Green. What the company’s website doesn’t mention is that Green was born as a slave.

After weeks of nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, many companies are implementing changes.

For example, Mars, which owns Uncle Ben’s, said this was the moment in which to improve the Uncle Ben’s brand, and that includes its visual brand identity. Though no exact changes are known at this time, changes will happen, and every possibility is being looked at.

ConAgra, the manufacturer of Mrs. Butterworth’s, said it would carry out a complete brand and packaging review on its syrup brand. The company said it could see how its packaging could be misconstrued and interpreted to be against its values.

Repeated calls to change the logo of Aunt Jemima have been made, including a 2015 op-ed in the New York Times by Riche Richardson, a Cornell University professor. He tied the logo to Southern racism.

According to Richardson, the logo is based on a “mammy,” which is a dedicated, obedient servant to the children of their white masters and who neglected her own kids. In 1923, a statute of a slave mammy stereotype was given approval for construction but never was.

For decades, Quaker Oats promoted racist ads with actresses that personified the mammy stereotype. The logo has been changing for many years, with Gladys Knight being hired to promote the brand in the 1990s.

The company currently promotes the Aunt Jemima brand as being a source of nourishment, warmth and trust that moms of all backgrounds look for to ensure their families have the best.

According to Kristin Kroepfl, much work has been done throughout the years to improve the brand that ensures respect. However, the Quaker Oats North America Chief Marketing Officer said not enough has been done.

Pepsi will release its new logo and brand name in the fall. And, the Aunt Jemima brand will also donate $5 million throughout the next five years to offer continuing support and commitment with the Black community.

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