At least 1 Dead, Multiple Folks Injured After Shooter Opens Fire In Suburban Portland Mall

A masked shooter entered a suburban Portland, Ore. mall and opened fire. One person is dead and several more are wounded.

According to police, the Clackamas Town Center shooter is “neutralized”. However, they did not specify where he or she is dead or alive. Lt. James Rhodessaid, a spokesman with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department, said the shooter is no longer active and they are in the process of making the mall secure, which includes treating the wounded.

Rhodessaid said there is no official count of those killed or wounded. He said he knows there are multiple folks wounded with Lifeline landing to treat one of them. Rhodessaid said as soon as victims are found, things are set up to treat them.

Hundreds of folks evacuated the busy mall after the shooting started around 3:30 p.m.

According to witnesses, the gunman was teenager-like wearing a white hockey mask, bulletproof vest-like and transporting an assault rifle. The shooter came into the mall by way of the Macy’s store, ran to the upper level of the store and starting shooting in the mall food court, firing off numerous shots with what is thought to be a black, semiautomatic rifle.

Witnesses say the shooter appeared to be on a mission, looking straight ahead.

People interviewed said Macy’s store employees and shoppers hid in a dressing room so they would not be found.

Evan Walters talked with ABC News Radio and said the store he was in, which is located right next to the food court, locked down for safety. While there, he saw two folks get shot and heard numerous gunshots. Walters said there were more than 20 shots fired, which sounded like loud noises and pops.

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