American Red Cross Urging Everyone To Give Blood To Circumvent Blood Shortage Crisis

Blood donation

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The American Red Cross is urging donors of every blood type to give due to a nationwide blood shortage.

In a press release, the agency asked eligible donors to make and show up to donation appointments to keep an emergency situation from occurring.

The Red Cross said blood donations have dropped eight percent since May, which translates to about 80,000 fewer expected donations. This decline could cause an emergency situation in the next few weeks.

The Red Cross said some of the donation decline is the result of Independence Day (July 4) falling on a Friday. Many people took an extended holiday weekend, which means fewer blood drives being held that week. In fact, a little more than 3,400 blood drives took place compared to the normal 4,400 blood drives that tend to happen in a classic summer week.

The agency really needs the following blood types:

  • A negative
  • B negative
  • negative

Red Cross said donors should donate additional red cells.

These blood types are compatible to other blood types, meaning they can be transfused to a significant number of patients. O negative blood is considered universal and can be used in any person regardless of their blood type. A and B negative blood types can be used in either Rh negative or positive patients.

The Red Cross said the shortage is hitting every single blood type. Therefore, everyone should donate.

Also down in donations in platelet. Platelets help stop blood clotting and are needed by accident victims, heart surgery patients and cancer patients.

Donors should be 17 years of age, weight a minimum of 110 pounds and are in good health.

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