People Are Going Castleville Crazy

One of the most popular video games ever is a game called Castleville and people are turning up en masse to play it and its sister games from the Zynga company.

There are games called Farmville, Pioneer Trail, Indiana Jones, and more.  These games are simple to play and can be addictive as the monster sized playing community can attest to.  Each of these games are progressive and call for interaction with other players and via Facebook these games have become some of the most popular in the world.

The reason for this is multi-fold.  First of all the games are free.  You can get some good gameplay and not pay a dime. There are achievements and items that you can pay for but they’re not mandatory.  In Castleville you just perform game actions and then watch as you can post to your friends on Facebook that your Castleville character needs new magical items or other such objects and if they’re playing the game they can click on those comments and send those items and get one in return.

The graphics are lush in color and comical in design in Castleville.  The art team and designers really went all out to provide a unique style and entertaining environment from the designs of your main character to those of the denizens of your kingdom.  There are knights, damsels, ice monsters and more.  Horses, cows, pigs, weasels, all of which are animated and not static gives the game a living presence and fun for children and adults alike.  Families can work and play together and you can customize your avatar to wear all sorts of costumes.  It’s so funny to see your friends and family members pop into your kingdom which you must build and defend and they help out by fighting monsters or helping you tend crops or any number of fun activities.

These games have become so addictive that people spend hours per day on them.  The sounds, memes, slogans and graphics are now part of the online and offline lexicon.  Facebook fans love to tease each other about playing these games especially Castleville and Farmville.   The sheer number of people playing these games is unknown but it has to be in the tens of millions and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was 100 million or so.  The reason being the games are free and easy and fun.  The benefits of the game is that you get taught patience, planning, communication, strategy and interaction with a  community of your friends and you can also make friends.

There are Castleville parties where people dress up and serve foods that you’ll find in the game like tomatoes, potatoes, grape juice, strawberries.

All in all, Castleville and its sister games are a clean and fun way to enjoy online time and judging from their continued popularity they’ll be around for years to come.

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  1. No it wont. Most probably you try to promote the game because it’s dying fast. Neighbors are leaving. In fact more of them have stopped playing ..

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