Where Are Art Thou, Amazon?

Getting right to the point. The purpose of this article is to pick on Amazon. More specifically, dissect Jeff Bezos. More than a few readers own Amazon stock. A few of you make a living buying and selling said stock. Quite a number of you are his customers.

It is not a question of where Amazon has been, but rather where is it going?

A quick recap of history reveals Jeff Bezos is a lot of things. In that long list you will not find the word, idiot. A few years after its beginnings in 1994 the company was lambasted far and wide for not making a profit even though that was outlined in this business plan.

Fast forwarding not many years and we find brick and mortar bookstore giants such as Barnes & Noble endangered by the online equivalent of the world’s largest river. Bookstores are not the only ones in fear of the mighty Amazon.

NASDAQ AMZN might not be the darling of Wall Street that Apple is. No big surprise. Wall Street is not known for taking the long view. That is probably the reason there are so many people on Wall Street and only one Jeff Bezos.

Admittedly, the last sentence might be a little unfair. Jeff Bezos has many of the same characteristics of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and a few others in the IT industry. The characteristics are: focused, commitment with a capital C, vision, take no prisoners, and with the exception of Gates, salty in language.

And there is one difference among all of these corporate thought leaders in IT that Jeff Bezos seems to outclass all his contemporaries. Secrecy.

Apple is widely proclaimed for being secretive. Amazon just surprises the hell out of everybody.

Fair warning to you Mr. Bezos. As a fellow Seattle transplant, and long time observer, you are in my sights. I will be reporting as a field observer exclusively here.

Tcat Houser

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