Opinion: Republican Debates Are Getting Funnier

After almost two dozen Republican debates the contenders are down to just four but the debates are getting funnier.

At first the roster of Republican candidates seemed impressive and formidable.  However, the candidates continued one after another to engage in the most embarrassing and hilarious behavior in the history of politics.  The Republicans had to work hard to pull out of the disasters of the Bush Administration.  From a questionable election in 2000 to the financial chaos that followed President Bush’s leadership to the horrors of several wars, the Republicans have been fishing for a new savior to take the stage but instead have become the best reality television show to hit television in years.

First of all, big shot financial mogul Donald Trump entered the fray.  He brought along enough absurd headlines and comic relief that he made the other candidates look like legitimate front runners.  As Trump weaved in and out of the spotlight the press almost missed out on the goings on with the other candidates but instead of taking solace in Trump’s antics, the candidates did damage to themselves on their own ranging from idiotic public statements, marital infidelity, and outright nonsensical rhetoric.

In the late Autumn the pack started falling apart.  First of all Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a man with one of the most popular groundswell support groups in political history couldn’t get air time or media coverage for the life of him.  The public caught on and lambasted the media for their obvious negligence to the point of accusing the media of bias.  It had become so apparent that the rank and file news media was purposefully dodging Dr. Paul that it became fodder for late night comedians, blogs, and internet commentary.  As the press poked fun at Paul, candidates like Herman Caine and Michele Bachman took the lead and threatened the favored Republican pack leaders Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Mitt Romney had to hold their own.  Perry and Romney were the Republican favorites to the point that the press weaved in and out of which opponent to spotlight and attack.  Each one would say or do something that brought so much unwanted attention to themselves that they did more harm to one another than their opponents.  Herman Caine was the star of the major foul ups.  He had dodged questions and gotten hostile with the media over sexual harassment allegations.  The press leaped on Caine and the battle that ensued made his critics and the press hit him from every direction.  The Republican big shots still put Caine out front and supported him until his former mistress came forward and threw the proverbial wrench into his campaign causing a Republican defeat not seen since President Nixon resigned.

Next came Bachman with absurd comments about life in general that will remain as funny for decades to come.  Gov. Perry just couldn’t stop saying and doing funny things to the point he’s no longer in the game.  Gov. Huntsman didn’t make an ass of himself and the Republicans probably didn’t like him because he was honest and forthright.

Now we’re down to just four candidates and Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are just chalking up the weird and absurd comments.  Meanwhile Dr. Paul just keeps spouting his rhetoric about Tea Party like issues that the press attacks but believe it or not he’s still in the race.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on the other hand has been a combination of comical quips and situations to marital infidelity and every other joke in between.

Needless to say what we have now is Romney an arrogant business guy, Santorum a religious nut, Gingrich a disaster waiting to happen, and Ron Paul a guy who says everything the mainstream press and politicos don’t want to hear.

Greg Borne

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