Florida Woman Gives Attacker Choice: Go To Jail or Hold Sign Announcing He’s A Woman Beater

A Florida woman turns the table on her attacker by giving him a choice to either go to jail or hold a sign at a busy Tampa intersection that reads “I beat women.  Honk if I’m a scumbag” and wearing a dunce cap.

20-year-old Alisha Hessler said the man was doing it because he didn’t want to go to jail. She recently met him after two of her male friends brought him with them for a clubbing night.

According to Lt. Ronald McMullen with the Tampa Police Department, while they were headed home, the man was trying to feel her up under her skirt. When she said “no” and pushed him away, he didn’t get the hint so she slapped him.

Hessler said that’s when he began to beat her until she ended up with a broken nose and concussion.

When she informed her friends that she planned on calling the cops, they dropped her off at her home and left her there.

Hessler filed a police report the next day and was examined at the hospital. According to the detective taking her statement, she had to have a diagnosis from the doctor before a felony battery charge could be filed.

Hessler ended up finding the man on Facebook and decided to give him an ultimatum: go to jail or public humiliation.

She said the man was drunk and that she was person who hit first.  She said she only did it because he wouldn’t quit groping her. Hessler said if he had been sober, he may not have done it.

Hessler signed off on a complaint withdrawal, according to McMullen. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

CEO of the Spring in Tampa Bay Mindy Murphy said Hessler handling it in this manner was a problem. She said women are killed every day at an abuser’s hands. Every day, she said, sexual assaults take place.  She said a man who is holding a sign saying he beats women is belittling the issue.

Hessler said she doesn’t feel at all vindicated. She wanted the man to sign a waiver that would allow her to beat him for about 10 minutes. However, she said, there could have been repercussions for it and she decided against.

As for the friends who left her, she made them clean her house for three hours during the week as a punishment.

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