Amazon is yours and yours alone in my thoughts

Forgive me if I am less-than-perfect with my crystal ball regarding Amazon. Jeff Bezos must’ve read a quote from Benjamin Franklin which states, “two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.”

After a few decades and more than a few microbrews sitting around everywhere from Lake Union to Capitol Hill and Queen Anne I am clear the troops at Amazon know how to take direction and do their jobs well.

History reveals Jeff Bezos can compartmentalize the logistics of his grand scheme better than General MacArthur. It is always something I suspected. Watching the formation of the Kindle gave pause. Observing from the outside the gestation of the Kindle Fire confirmed this belief.

Again I am not knocking the management style of the famous founder and CEO. What he does he does well, for the company and its shareholders. Certainly the SEC could only praise him for his secrecy. It is not in his best interests or his shareholders to go pandering to the Wall Street Journal or The Economist about what he is going to do.

Whatever pop that might look like in day trades could not offset the damage done in the longer term telegraphing his intentions to his competitors.

Since I am not an Amazon employee, nor do I own Amazon stock, combined with the fact my publisher has given me free reign to decode the secretive company… I am doing so.

Certainly, I welcome reader questions. Please keep them to either financial analysis or technical/tactical choices the Seattle-based e-commerce giant has made.

This scrutiny is not limited to the Kindle Fire. The Amazon Cloud, to Prime Membership and its secret algorithms are all on the discussion table.

Please remember, when you post a comment to OnlineNewsHeardNow.com it is for public consumption. I look forward to answering your questions and thoughts.

Tcat Houser

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