Nintendo 3DS To Bring a New Dimension to Hand-held Gaming

Nintendo is all set to release 3DS, latest version of its popular Nintendo DS/DSi video-game console series. Nintendo has also confirmed the 13 titles made especially for the 3DS console, that would retail when the 3DS consoles hits stores next month. If we are to go by some of the rave reviews we have seen in the media and comments from awestruck fans lucky enough to get their hands on this much awaited device at Nintendo public events coinciding with the launch, we are in for a revolutionary change in hand-held console gaming.

The Nintendo 3DS brings 3D experience without the need of any glasses, something that could surprise 3D purists. The top screen in 3DS will render graphics differently in the left half and the right, resulting in the player’s left eye and right eye viewing different details, resulting in a 3D viewing experience. Since the player would be usually looking at the screen from a close distance and the eye level well balanced, the glass-less 3D effect ends up just right. On the other hand, the 3D effect will not be seen by curious bystanders or even the gamer himself, when viewed from a undesirable angle.

The console has a 2D slider, which allows the 3D effect to be turned off effectively making it 2D, or even scaled at a desirable level of 3D. This also ensures backward compatibility with games made for DSi. The console also features a Circle pad which acts like a joystick for free movement, a gyro sensor and a built-in motion sensor. There are 3 cameras with two of them facing outwards, and they combine with the Augmented Reality (AR) card, when placed in front of the two cameras, to create stunning 3D imaging and augmented reality based gaming environment.

Nintendo also announced the titles of 13 games for 3DS. The range of 3DS games are expected to increase gradually as the console takes off. Titles available during next month launch includes Super Street Fighter IV, Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Nintendogs and Super Monkey Ball.

Release dates and pricing information has already been released for all major markets, and the US retail pricing is set at $250 for 3DS, which is approximately $80 or $60 more than what US gamers originally paid for DSi and DSi XL models respectively. The Australian market will retail 3DS at $350 whereas in Japan it will sell for ¥25,000. Those who pre-order the 3DS console may be lucky enough to find offers that gives them further discounts or extras. However the announced retail price for 3DS is not expected to deter Nintendo fans as it certainly does not look too high considering the amount of innovative features it comes with and the magical 3D experience it is expected to immerse gamers in.

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  1. The Nintendo 3ds is an awesome machine. My kids love it and won’t stop to read a book, lol. Even though it’s probably not good for you, I still desire it!

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