Will Amazon Be the Next AT&T?

Apple Corp. of Cupertino, California is infamous for being secretive. And then there is Amazon.com Corp. of Seattle, Washington. The once upon a time profit losing bookseller is now going toe to toe with the veritable Walmart.

We all know that Amazon is a big company. Do we ever stop to think about how big? Consider this statement from a press release in the waning days of the year 2009.

“As of the 3rd Quarter in 2009, active customer accounts exceeded 98 million, up 17% from 2008.”

Clearly they have more than 100 million active customer accounts.

Consider another little tidbit. How many companies use Amazons S3 Web services for their hosting?

How many people use Amazons Kindle e-book readers? Which of course are closely tied to Amazons data centers.

AT&T was declared the country’s Worst Wireless Service Provider by Consumer Reports in 2010 According to Time Magazine. Apparently not anxious to give of the dubious distinction, tech spot reports that they get the ranking for the second year in a row.

AT&T estimates it has about 75 million wireless customers.

So let’s see. Amazon, with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates on the planet has more customers than the wireless provider that has ranked worst in customer satisfaction for two years in a row.

Amazon has a ton of devices that are already Wi-Fi enabled. And Amazon has an infrastructure with few rivals. Amazon is in battle with Apple with e-commerce stores.

So just how big a switch would need to be flipped for Amazon to get into the wireless phone business?

Tcat Houser

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