United Flight 93 Crew and Passengers Honored On 12th Sept. 11 Anniversary

The families of the United Flight 93’s crew and passengers read each name Sept. 11 during the somber Shanksville, Pa. memorial.

Families of Flight 93 President Gordon Felt said in 22 minutes, their loved ones went into history. Felt’s brother Edward was among the 40 people – 33 passengers, seven crew members – that were aboard the Boeing 757 that was hijacked sometime after it left Newark, N.J. and crashed 75 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

About 200 people took part in the ceremony – the bells rang, tears were flowing and the sun hit the white memorial wall bearing all the victims’ names. On Tuesday, a groundbreaking for the visitor center, which will be 6,800 square feet and split into two, took place. The visitor center is to remind the plane’s crash that occurred after the passengers fought against the four hijackers.

Todd Beamer, a passenger on the San Francisco-bound flight, cried “Let’s Roll” when he and other passengers took aim at the cockpit, in an effort to prevent the hijackers to cause additional deaths.

Sally Jewell, the U.S. Interior Secretary, said the passengers and crew’s sacrifice is a true testament to America’s courage. She said you never know when you’ll have to lay down your life to help someone else.

The first aspect of the Shanksville memorial were finished and dedicated in September 2011, which included the Memorial Plaza, located near the crash site.  40 memorial groves of trees were planted and big sections of the area were reforested and replanted.

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