Scientists Identifies Chemical Responsible For Baldness, Topical Treatments Could Soon Follow

baldMillions of bald or balding men around the world may have their prayers answered: scientists might actually have the reason for baldness, which is a scalp chemical that keeps hair from continuing to grow.

Drugs have already been developed to block the protein but for other reasons. Thus, it won’t be long before a hair restoring potion or lotion hits the market; perhaps in five years. It’s believed that it’ll stop balding altogether and maybe even encourage new hair growth.

Currently, balding men have the option of combing over their hair, using a toupee or undergoing a hair transplant. A hair transplant is extremely expensive and quite painful. Plus, it’s not always successful.

The breakthrough, which comes from a study from the University of Pennsylvania, centers on the PDG2 protein. Scientists looked at the scalps of men who were balding and learned that the PDG2 levels were three times higher where hair was thinning.

It’s believed that PGD2 keeps cells from maturing. By halting their workings, the hair will begin to regrow. Drugs blocking PGD2 has been tested by drug companies for another reason – asthma. While they’ve been formulated into pills, it’s possible to change them into topical creams or lotions that can be placed onto the scalp.

Researchers say more work is needed but it’s possible that a new hair loss treatment can be seen within five years.

Dr. George Cotsarelis, the senior author on the study, said the good thing about hair loss and dermatology is that compounds made as pills can be transformed into topical formats. He said a topical compound would be an excellent treatment.

Cotsarelis said it’s sure to keep hair loss from occurring but it’s not clear if it helps in regrowth. According to lab test, it could also help women with hair loss – although more research will need to be done on this.

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