Opinion: Who Is Behind The Push For War With Iran?

You’ve got former Vice President Dick Cheney having arisen from his chamber of doom to criticize the Obama Administration for it’s handling of Iran. Mind you this is the same Dick Cheney who pushed for the war against Iraq due to reports of weapons of mass destruction which cost thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. It was an incompetent and ruthless decision from which Cheney’s own friends and businesses benefited and helped plunge the world into economic chaos.

Now we’ve gotten news that top secret, hi tech drones and other material has crashed, been shot down, hacked, and captured by the Iranians. We also find out that top CIA operatives have been captured. If we believe all the nonsense in the news, Iran has captured more CIA people than the Russians did during the entire Cold War. It’s just totally absurd and the American people aren’t falling for it.

This is just an excuse to try to drum up support to continue the military industrial complex’s charge into the middle east and keep wars going for obvious reasons.

Now that the war in Iraq is over and the war in Afghanistan is coming to an end thanks to President Obama, whom we might add protested the wars in the first place, the opposition is looking for any excuse to get into Iran. No one is falling for this except the Right Wing members who make their money from misery. The Republican Party rank and file has finally caught on to this scam and don’t just jump on the war bandwagon anymore. People have gotten sick of relatives coming home missing arms and legs and some not coming home at all. We may be seeing something we’ve not seen in a long time, the hidden powers that be have finally slipped up on their game and realized they’ve annoyed off the core Republicans and soon that group will be on the counter attack.

The political battles may well see the first time every main frontrunner kicked off the top of the heap. In the old days there would be just a dozen or so reporters digging into a candidate’s past but nowadays we’ve got the potential of 100s of thousands of people digging into a politician’s past and there’s no telling what can be dug up. That’s got campaign damage control teams on their toes and that means more money spent as nowadays one blog or one website can upend entire lives and industries. That’s why this push to go to war with Iran keeps falling apart. Americans and the international communities are getting tired of running around getting involved in wars that deplete their reserves. It’s at this point that people around the world are just tired of war and realize just simple communication can change things for the better. With the number of dictators having dropped to less than a handful during 2011 alone, the last warmongers are living on borrowed time.

Greg Borne.

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