Operation Tricky and Risky: Obama Gives Authorization For Raid That Led To Luke Somers’ Death

U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledges that he gave the order to attempt the rescue of Luke Somers, a hostage in Yemen, on the basis that the photojournalist’s life was in impending danger.

Before the statement from the White House, the national security chief in Yemen said militants were planning to kill the British-born Somers. The Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda posted an online video on Thursday, threatening to kill him.

According to authorities, American citizen Somers, who had been taken hostage in September 2013, died alongside South African teacher Pierre Korkie, during the rescue attempt that was in conjunction with the Yemen government.

Obama said he strongly denounces Somers’ barbaric murder at these terrorists and said the U.S. will spare no effort in using its military forces, diplomatic capabilities and intelligence to safely bring home all Americans, regardless of their location.

He said any terrorist that seeks to threaten the nation’s citizens will feel America’s wrath and justice.

The Pentagon said Thursday the U.S. led a raid in November in an attempt to rescue Somers but he had been moved.

Obama said Somers’ captors had threated to kill Somers within three days (72 hours). He said other information dictated that his life was in great peril.

This assessment along with an operational plan and reliable intelligence led the president to authorize a rescue attempt. Obama said Somers used his photographs to showcase Yemenis’ lives, going to Yemen in peace. He said Somers was held against his will and was threatened by a terrorist organization.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the AQAP’s actions is additional proof of the callous disregard for Somers’ life and human life, which is why the world should never stop looking for ways to stop their evil ideology.

Chuck Hagel, defense secretary, said the rescue operation was well-executed but both risky and complex.

According to Vice President Joe Biden, the people responsible for this appalling crime will be hunted down by the U.S. and be brought to justice.

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