Might we have a case of sibling rivalry amongst the Zuckerberg clan?

facebook social networkIt looks like a case of sibling rivalry as the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly handed in her resignation in order to start her own social networking empire.

Randi Zuckerberg is going on to expand her new company called RtoZ Media.  Ms. Zuckerberg is recognized by Facebook and the social networking and media industry as having been highly instrumental in the success of the world’s largest website.  Her years of dedication and innovation helped propel her brother’s empire into the most lucrative website and network in history.  Her choice to leave her cushy job at Facebook is a stunner but it doesn’t mean she’s being kicked out to the curb.  She has now the credentials and connections that she cannot mess up even if she tries.  Just her name alone is enough to draw in investors to the tune of billions of dollars.

At present the amount of money being poured into the social networking realm rivals that of most top countries in the world.  Because Facebook is worth so many 100s of billions of dollars, investors around the world are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the next internet craze.  Randi’s leaving Facebook doesn’t mean she has no confidence in the company it just appears as though she has her sights set on expanding her own creative ideas and it’s sure she won’t be lacking in resources to do so.

One of the issues she did mention was the growing threat of the canceling of anonymity on the internet.  It’s an isssue that head honchos of many top internet companies have mentioned.  They feel that if the web becomes like some sort of real information super highway with people needing a license to drive, people won’t have that freedom of speech that has toppled entire empires and governments of late.  She’s right in that regard as suppressive governments and criminal cabals are terrified of the internet.  These groups have no idea when someone will use the internet to inform on them and undermine their entire criminal activities.  If governments succeed in clamping down on whistleblowing by putting an end to anonymity on the web, a new age of darkness might fall on the global community.  Sure there needs to be a stop to the crime on the web, but cutting people off is not the answer.

That viewpoint is what Randi Zuckerberg might champion as she’s admitted to leaning toward more online security and with her know-how and connections we may well see a breakthrough in ways to make websurfing far more secure.  In truth, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with a program or procedure that makes a great deal of criminal activity on the web obsolete.  Perhaps Randi Zuckerberg is that person to achieve this.

It’s sure that whatever moves she makes there are going to be people watching every single move.  They know that if she gets her feet planted solidly, with her brother’s support and an army of investors there’s nothing she couldn’t achieve.

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