Egypt Uses Country’s Oil Ministry Submarine To Locate Aircraft Black Boxes

A submarine that belongs to Egypt’s Oil Ministry has been sent to the eastern Mediterranean Sea’s crash site of Egypt’s Air Flight-804 in an effort to help find the flight data and cockpit voice recorders… typically called black boxes.

The U.S. Intelligence source confirmed the news that the black boxes may have been found thanks to their pings.

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said the country was working in conjunction with the French government investigating the crash. He said it was extremely important to find out what caused the airliner to crash.

The submarine can reach a depth of nearly 10,000 feet below the surface, and it left for the crash site on Sunday. He provided no additional information.

El-Sissi said it will take time to find out what caused the airliner to crash, killing all 66 people. He thanked the various nations that have helped in the search for aircraft wreckage. el-Sissi advised the media from its premature speculation on what brought the airliner done. He said there are all possible scenarios to the crash.

Eygpt’s president spoke after information about the flight data showed there was trouble in the cockpit and smoke in the plane’s lavatory had been leaked to the public. The data also showed a three-minute period before all contact had been lost and the plane’s alarms were screeching.

Officials have repeatedly said it was too early to determine what happened but increasing evidence points to an unexpected, intense catastrophe that caused the crash.

The country’s military released the first picture of debris they had gotten out of the sea – damaged seats and personal items. Egypt is the main nation leading the search effort to find the black boxes and clues that may explain why the plane plunged suddenly into the sea.

According to authorities, the plane lurched to the left and then again to the right, spinning completely around before plunging 38,000 feet into the Mediterranean Sea without ever issuing a distress call.

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