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winnerWith the economy in such a tight fix and with people on the edge to try to get the upper hand on their incomes, the more resourceful and talented people are taking to the stage and contests!

Now more than ever the night clubs, karaoke clubs, amusement park talent shows, schools, churches and online venues are witnessing people dusting off their show clothes and taking to the stage.  Entertainment is always a welcome endeavor and activity as is seen by the super popular talent shows like American Idol.  That show alone has propelled the talent scout business to new heights.  The show biz bug has bitten millions of people around the world and people are showing up to give the public a look at their skills.

The stellar achievements of some of these contestants are legendary.  Like singer Jennifer Hudson who had risen to stardom from her American Idol appearance to her winning an Academy Award.  Millions are still stunned at the superb talent of Susan Boyle and many many others.  Some people have made fortunes and some have brought in a sizable income from just getting out the old band equipment and playing local venues like clubs and outdoor events.  In today’s economy every dollar counts and there is always someone looking for someone to do some entertaining.

You’ll find people with their magicians tools pulling rabbits out of their hats at parties then showing the videos online much to the amazement of the public at large who call in to hire them.  There are bands an singers turning up at sporting events, families of choral singers showing up to carry their tunes to the thrilled public.  You have a large groundswell of stand up comics that are going after any audience they can find and not only that but you’ll find their mentor celebrity comedians showing up to help them along.  The public is getting a real treat when they pay a small fee to attend an event and a big time star shows up.  The big stars love these gigs as they get to really rub elbows with old fans and get new ones.  It also is great press for them.

Even the kids are in on the act.  With today’s advanced make up and costumes for the little ones and the teenagers they can put on quite the impressive play or video presentations and show them at local theaters.  Church groups can find that their congregations are full of talent.  From singers to musicians of extraordinary ability, these people can pack them in and raise well needed revenue to help the needy or do renovations.

Municipalities have always taken advantage of talent amongst their ranks by holding events like the classic barbershop quartets or battle of the bands between police and fire departments.  Even the cookouts and the pancake breakfasts are great opportunities to show off talent skills.  You never know who’ll be visiting or hanging out.  Many a tale has been told of the big break for an artist coming from common places.

So take a look at your dreams of talent and know that there’s not going to be any shortage of places to perform and friends and fans to make.

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