Designer of the PC says it’s obsolete

You might not believe it but you may be soon seeing the PC aka personal computer, on its way out according to the designer of the pc over 30 years ago.

Dr. Mark Dean one of the top designers of the IBM PC which started with his IBM 5150 way back in August 1981 has now decided that the pc is on the way of the dinosaur, the Do Do Bird and every other extinct species.

It seems now that the good doctor has gotten hooked on the tablet instead.  He focuses on the premise that it’s the ideas and the social connections that is fueling innovation.  As the devices for computing change by the month it seems, the importance isn’t always on what is being used to compute, but what is being done with the ideas and connections people make on the social level which is pushing computing into directions that are startling thus ending the reign of the pc.

This is a very important story in that here we have the creator or a person who has at least 1/3 of the patents from which the pc is made and he now sees his invention becoming extinct or at least from his point of view.  This challenge then makes one wonder which direction computing will go in the future.  The key here is what do people need computers to do.  That’s the biggest observation as humanity’s needs will change and computers will have to be tailored to meet those changes.  Cell phones and hand helds and tablets are leading the charge as not everyone wants to surf the web and play big video games.  They seem to want to be able to access data like on the classic Star Trek television shows where they used a device called the Tricorder that enabled the characters to analyze their environments and objects and communicate with other computing systems.

Social networking and entertainment are changing the face of computing as well.  Big screen monitors, voice and touch commands, music, movies, radio, television are modifying the design of the computing devices and the way we input data.  One day keyboards may be extinct or perhaps monitors all together.  The bottom line is that Dr. Dean has pointed out something that will have ramifications for years to come and alter the way the stock market and investors in computing technology and services behave.  For the father of the pc to stand up and say his invention is now obsolete, that makes the investors wonder if they’ll be putting their good money in for bad.  It’s going to be some exciting times for the computer industry as at any moment a new breakthrough could occur and change the way we compute on a massive scale.

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