Canadian Model May Seek Eye Removal Surgery After Botched Eye Tattoo

A 24-year-old Canadian woman may lose her eye after her eyeball tattoo left her nearly blind.

Caitlin Gallinger, who works as a model, said her hope was gone and that she was close to getting eye removal surgery. In September, she uses her Facebook page to share the details of what happened when she tried to tint the white of her eye purple. She said the tattoo artist failed to dilute the ink and use a copious amount of it.

This caused an infection.

Although Gallinger said she followed proper post-care protocol, she experienced intense pain after the appointment, and her eye started to leak purple. After going to the hospital, she was given antibiotic eye drops to use for a week. However, things got worse, and her eye swelled shut. The medicine caused the infection to spread, which lead to a clump around the cornea. Doctors learned she had major sclera damage.

Gallinger has been seeing a specialist to reduce the chance of her going totally blind, but she’s been contemplating eye removal still. She said it takes a lot of effort to open her eye and she’s tired of it. While no final decision has been made, she said, Gallinger is warning others about the danger of getting eye tattoos.

She advises people to research their tattoo artist and how the procedure needs to be done in order for things to go smoothly. She said research is the key and implores people to do their homework before they get a tattoo.

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