Starbucks Implements No Smoking Ban For Inside and Outside Its U.S. Stores

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Starbucks has issued a No Smoking Within 25 Feet Ban that takes effect June 1 for all stores in the United States. Any smoker who wants to smoke will need to do so away from its stores.

Miramar Starbucks Store Manager Cliff Elome said he’s been giving folks the heads-up about the company’s new policy.  He said a sign has been put up even though it doesn’t actually begin until June 1.

Loyal Starbucks customer Stacy Jacobs said the change is welcoming because there are times she’s been unable to sit down because of the smoke from the cigarettes. She said it’s going to be nice sitting down wherever she wants.

For a good many smokers, drinking coffee and smoking is something that goes together. However, Starbucks is attempting to extend the inside non-smoking policy to its outside seating areas.

For Elome, the policy is a win/lose for customers.  He said the win is for customers who like the smoke-free environment and the loss for customers who like having their cigarettes while they drink on their coffee. The new policy may cause them not to come back.

Starbucks policy extends to all 7,000 cafés whether or not there is an outdoor seating area.

Elome said the policy may be trying for the first month or so; but, soon it’ll be all okay.

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