New York Times Report: President Doesn’t Seem Appear To Understand Healthcare Policy

It appears that President Donald Trump has no real understanding of healthcare policy, despite his claims.

According to a New York Times report, the president appeared to be “especially confused” in a meeting with senators after a senator cautioned that bill opponents would make observations that the policy is a huge tax break for the rich.

The Times, which supposedly attained its information from an anonymous aide, reportedly noted that Trump said he would deal with tax reform at another time.

On Wednesday, Trump began disputing the report through Twitter, stating the Times is reporting yet another false story about him.

When Trump was running for president, he campaigned heavily on repealing and replacing Obamacare. In fact, the then-candidate Trump said it would be the first thing he’d do if he won the position. He has constantly placed pressure on both the House and Senate to pass some type of Obamacare replacement plan. However, according to various reports, he doesn’t have as much influence on senators as he appeared to have had on House representatives.

Although discussions have been ongoing, Trump hasn’t talked much about what the bills will do and what kinds of improvement would be implemented over Obamacare. Although he celebrated a win with the House’s healthcare version, he called it mean. He also urged the Senate to have a heart when it came to their proposal.

Democrats have been highly critical of the Senate’s plan with its tax provisions. According to several lawmakers, it’s actually a tax break for the wealthy that are being masqueraded as a healthcare bill.

The Senate bill, which is called the Better Care Reconciliation Act, would repeal several Obamacare taxes such as the 3.8% tax on net investment income. It would also remove the 0.9% Medicare surtax from the books in 2023 and would postpone the implementation of the Cadillac tax on high-cost employers’ plans for another nine years (2026).

The Tax Policy Center said all of these tax cuts would benefit the top 1% of all households.

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