More Android Devices To Have Pre-Installed Microsoft Apps

More Android devices will soon have Microsoft apps pre-installed. The move is thanks to the company’s 20 new partnerships with tablet markets around the globe. The group of regional and global partners includes Sony, LG, Wortmann and Haier, and their future devices will have Word, Excel, Skype, PowerPoint and OneNote already installed.

It’s not known when these manufacturers will offer pre-installed Microsoft apps tablets.  Sony is set to release its Xperia Z4 within 90 days. However, Microsoft hasn’t given a timetable for the others. LG will offer the apps on its new tablet, set for release later in the year.  From this point on though, manufacturers can choose which apps, if any, will appear on the tablets.

The announcement brings the number of device manufacturers using pre-loaded Microsoft apps to 31. Early in 2015, the company made deals similar to this one with 11 manufacturers – Samsung and Dell, for instance. The Redmond, Washington-based business said it’s made some inroads within the Android phone market – Samsung has pre-installed some apps on certain Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models.

Mobile carriers, like the Galaxy S6 will have final say in what apps can show up on their tablets they directly sell. This could complicate issues.  A spokeswoman for Microsoft said the company believes more customers will buy Android devices from the OEM to get the pre-installed services and apps.  Should a mobile operator not offer the apps and services, they can still go to Google Play and download them.

This is the move that Microsoft CEO Sataya Nadella has made in the “mobile-first, cloud-first” approach. During the last year, Microsoft has released Office apps to extend its productivity suite reach to Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft’s Original Equipment Manufacturer Division’s Corporate Vice President Nick Parker said the deals are a foundation of the cross-platform tactic and will benefit both the manufacturers and consumers by adding value to devices and enhancing productivity.

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