ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final – Stage Awaits a Fitting Finale

The final showdown in a wonderfully conducted Cricket World Cup will see two best teams, both co-hosts and from the Indian subcontinent, vie for the glory. India and Sri Lanka, the deserving finalists, are familiar foes who know each other well. Although this invariably means that there are little or no surprise elements coming into play when they face each other, one can still expect a hard fought battle between these two evenly matched teams.

India and Sri Lanka have played far too many internationals in the recent years, to a saturation point where even their own cricket crazy fans found them to be too frequent to be of any interest. But a close contest from these two strong teams in a World Cup final could turn out to be the type of advertisement that traditional ODI game needs to recapture the attention from the 20-over version, and prolong the life of the 50-Over version. Both teams are lethal in slow subcontinent pitches under hot and humid conditions where other teams are found wanting. The 2011 World Cup has seen Bowlers tilt the balance in games and it will be an intriguing battle when two strong batting line-ups, good players of spin bowling, battle it out in a familiar territory.

There would no lack of drama too as two legends would face-off in their last appearance in a World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar and Muttiah Muralitharan, both record holders, aging stars, are men who are capable of raising the spirit and performance of their team simply by being a part of it. The prospect of them facing each other in a tense battle adds the extra spice to a final that will see a team winning the cup for the second time. India achieved the distinction in 1983, at a time when no one gave them a chance, and Sri Lanka, in 1996. In 2011, both India and Sri Lanka began their campaign as contenders and India rode on its batting strength whereas Sri Lanka gave a more balanced performance with excellent batting from its top order backed up by unorthodox but effective bowling.

India’s progress in the tournament has seen at least two major games played in the atmosphere of a final, as they first knocked out Australia, the team that won the last three World Cups, and then dealt a blow to a resurgent and impressive Pakistan team. Sri Lanka on the other hand had a relatively easier knock-out games, but the manner in which they won those games showed that they were ready take on the best.

The match commences shortly in Mumbai, India.

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