HP In Hot Water After Security Update Halts Third-Party Printer Ink From Working

Not too long ago, HP was found to be using a security update that kept people from installing third-party ink and recycled cartridges in its prints. After a huge uproar, the company has issued a rollback option but won’t admit they’ve done anything wrong.

The company said it was dedicated to being transparent in its communications, and know they need to call themselves out when they fall short. The statement went on to say there was some confusion about the printer firmware update and wanted to clear the air.

HP said it was only trying to protect users and offer the best experience possible. Of course, they issued this update back in March, waited six months and then activated the feature with no warning, causing printers to quit working with third-party ink cartridges when they worked earlier.

HP said communications regarding this issue should have been much better, and it apologized for lack of it. The company said the affected customers would be offered an optional firmware update, which would be ready in a couple of weeks, to eliminate the active security feature.

Companies like HP, Apple and Keurig always say they are doing things to provide their customers with the best possible experience, especially when things like this take shape. However, it’s not rocket science that when companies do this, they’re trying to keep the customers in their “little circle.”

HP said it would continue to enhance its security features to ensure customers are protected, maintain their printing systems’ integrity and safeguard its IP such as the authentication techniques to keep third-party supplies from operating like they would.

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