Calexit Movement Trends On Twitter; California Looks To Secede From U.S.


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There’s a new word taking social media by storm – “Calexit.”

After Donald Trump had been announced the president-elect, people all over California used social media to call for California to secede from the United States – similar to what Britain did when it left the European Union – an act known as Brexit.

Calexit is trending on Twitter and, for that reason, Californians in favor of leaving the U.S. are gathering on the Capitol steps in Sacramento. The “Yes, California Independence Campaign” is the group taking lead of the charge, and was assembled even before the Republican’s amazing upset. Its goal is to have a referendum in 2019, and if it’s passed, it will become another country.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the movement’s backer. Pishevar is one of Uber’s earliest investors, and he said he would pay for the campaign if Trump actually won the presidency. And, Pishevar confirmed the mission on Wednesday. He said it was the most patriotic thing he could do.

Pishevar said the country is at a crossroads, and California would be called New California.

Silicon Valley investors have also joined the movement. Path’s investor and founder Dave Morin and Design Inc. founder and former Google employee Marc Herneon have offered their support.

Lous Marinelli is one of California’s most unconventional political thinkers. A former resident and native of Buffalo, New York and a present-day California resident has served in the California National Party as its interim chairman. The CNP’s goal is to attain independence from the United States.

He said what’s happening in the U.S. is different than what’s going on in the state. He said California should be everything it can be, and the group believes the U.S. is holding the state back.

The CNP movement gained steam when the UK decided to separate itself from the EU.

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